In The Space Between…

It’s a phrase I use frequently: “Wishing You Peace in the Space Between.”

That sounds very esoteric, doesn’t it? It could mean so many things.

  • Between now and whenever.
  • Between here and there.
  • Between me and you.

In terms of counselling, life coaching, spiritual direction – all services I offer – it means something different.

I am my own being, just as you are your own being. Both of us are separate individuals who interact with intangible words, creating thought and feeling, action and reaction. And most of the time, all of these are not tangible.

That’s because our relationship doesn’t exist within me, or within you – but in this undefined space between.

What happens in the space between defines the quality of our relationship and the outcome of your counselling or spiritual direction.

Feel free to contact me at, or call 226.808.0117, or 226.868.4220.

I look forward to the journey with you!


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