Coming Soon! Men’s Spirituality Group…

It’s here.

The Man In The Maze:
Finding Spiritual Wholeness & Soulcrafting

A Counselling Group for Men

The group for men interested in growing and knowing their own spiritual path is back. Starting probably 9 October 2018.

How do men find their way on a spiritual path? Where are ‘the markers’ or ‘transition points’? What does it mean to be a ‘spiritual man’?

We will explore these questions, and more, on an ongoing basis throughout the group, addressing both spirituality issues and therapeutic issues as they arise. You will not be disappointed…

Go to: The Man In The Maze: Groups for more info. The group is now accepting members and starts 9 October 2018. There are only 12 available seats, so if you’re interested, please contact me!


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